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Product branding: what it is, and how it can benefit your business. What Is Product Branding? Is Product Branding Worth the Investment? What Makes a Strong Product Brand? What Are Some Examples of Successful Product Branding? Wrap Up: Achieving Good Results with Product Branding Download this post by entering your email below Enter your email here Do not worry, we do not spam. What Is Product Branding? Product branding is the application of branding strategy principles to a specific item or product. It’s the associating of a symbol, name, and design with a product to create a recognizable identity for that item.

Product branding can be deeply complex

with focus groups, multiple rounds of designs, and Oman Data so forth. But it doesn’t have to be. It can be as simple as designing a logo and choosing a name and packaging color. Download Now – Brand Bundle Corporate Branding vs. Product Branding Product branding is a type of branding, but it differs in several key ways from overall company branding. Company branding remains static across the brand and should capture the entire scope of a company’s identity. It can even hint at a company’s values. But product branding is much more specific.

It distinguishes a single product

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Or a family of products, like Lay’s potato chips) from China Phone Number competitor products and other offerings from the same company. Sometimes, product branding even distances the product from the brand that makes it. Let’s stick with our previous example. Who makes Lay’s potato chips? Ultimately, it’s PepsiCo. But in what universe would you want to buy (much less eat) Pepsi Chips? Pepsi is already so strongly identified as a product brand that it pollutes the brand itself, in a way. Yet PepsiCo remains a popular and recognizable brand to the degree that changing to something more generic (like Funtime Snacks and Drinks) would be a perilous move.

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