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Most people consume and engage in interactive content without even realizing it.  turn a blind eye to interactive content because they believe it is too complex and costly to create. However, interactive content should be a priority. The reason for this is that it can help with customer retention. Customers simply like interactive content. Here are a few statistics to take in real quick. 91% of B2B buyers prefer interactive content to passive content. Visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared by consumers on social media and conversion rates are increased by 86%.

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of online users will watch a video through, but a mere 20% of them will actually read the content. This data proves that interactive content matters. Ultimately, interactive Laos Data content grabs the attention of a consumer by offering them a personalized experience. Due to the fact that they will enjoy the experience, they will be more inclined to provide their info, increasing the chance of a qualified lead and potential conversion. Further, interactive content gathers more data from the customer. As such, you have that data at your fingertips, allowing you to create content that you know the customer will love.

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Products so compelling? The product itself has to be Latvia Phone Number something of quality, of course. But quality alone doesn’t guarantee success. The world’s best products have something else on their side: world-class product branding. Product branding is an essential element to consider as part of a broader branding strategy because it gives your products a life and personality all their own. Great product branding draws in customers and keeps them coming back. Poor product branding, on the other hand, is confusing at best and can even be off-putting, actively hurting sales and recognition.

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