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At first glance, people might think this is bad.  Kids don’t want it, and neither do people who don’t like artificial sweeteners. Actually, this is exactly what we want product branding to do for us. The branding itself shrinks the target audience down to a specific submarket. So Pepsi Zero Sugar is actually a great product brand. It instantly shrinks its market down to only those people who want sugar-free soft drinks that taste (sorta) like Pepsi. 3. A Strong Product Brand Illustrates the Product Lastly, the best product branding gives consumers an instant idea of what’s in the packaging.

The name, the logo, and the packaging imagery

All work together here. Take Ruffles potato chips. Ruffles Germany Data could be a clothing or fabric brand, but the packaging shape and the imagery on it make it clear that we’re dealing with potato chips. And once those elements put the consumer mindset into chip territory, it’s pretty clear what Ruffles means about the chips themselves. The catchphrase “Ruffles Have Ridges” drives out any chance of misunderstanding, too. What Are Some Examples of Successful Product Branding? We’ve already shown you a few examples of successful product branding in the previous section.

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Creative juices flowing. Apple: MacBook Air/Pro Any post German Phone Number or article anywhere talking about great brands is going to include Apple for all the obvious reasons: they make tons of money and everyone wants their gear. But what about product branding? The company has had plenty of successes, but some duds along the way as well. MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are both fantastic. Let’s look at why: The “book” portion (along with product design and packaging) make it crystal clear you’re getting a laptop. “Air” suggests thin and lightweight (and the rest of the branding matches).


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