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Suggests a professional-grade device, likely with a higher price. Last, “Mac” tells us it’s a Mac, not a PC. And that’s just the words. Product imagery, advertising slogans, and so on reinforce all the points above and create additional interest, too. Equate: Anything and Everything This one’s counterintuitive, but hear us out. Equate is Walmart’s generic brand for pharmacy and health and beauty goods. The packaging isn’t interesting. The logo design isn’t, either. At first glance, you might expect it to be on a “bad product branding” list. But take a step back and think about the goals of this product branding.

It exists to tell consumers

This is a cheaper but reliable alternative.” And by using Greece Data a consistent product branding approach, Walmart has certainly succeeded here. Consumers instantly recognize Equate products, even if they don’t exactly spark joy. The branding differentiates the products and narrows to a submarket. Starbucks: Packaged Coffees Starbucks is another successful, instantly recognizable brand. Its packaged coffees, sold in grocery stores,  Primarily, they differentiate themselves from other grocery store coffee through the association with the Starbucks brand. Consumers know what they’re getting: strong (arguably burnt?) coffee with a consistent reputation.

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Product Branding We hope this article puts you well on Hong Kong Phone Number the path to creating your own product branding — one that succeeds in its particular market or submarket. Of course, there’s always more to learn. For a deeper dive on branding strategies, including brand positioning and content experience as a category, you should check our recorded webinar with Mark Organ, CEO of billion-dollar company Categorynauts. Mark will join Diego Gomes, CEO at Rock Content, to discuss a range of topics that include and expand on product branding. Ready to upgrade your branding strategy? Create high-quality content that tells your brand’s story and sells.

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