When Choosing Gold Mining Companies as Investments

It should be  that their stocks react strongly to the dynamics of the gold price, although gold prices and the gold mining process should not be directly . If we consider the medium term, the gold mining sector of metallurgy is probably the most profitable.

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Associate with the start of the fifth growth cycle currently being for raw materials in the last century, analysts say, prices for oil and metals, gold and other commodities  to the commodity category are to rise . The clear leader Colombia Mobile Number List in the category of mining companies is Polyus Gold, which according to experts should be not only the most profitable company in this segment, but also the “pearl” in terms of size of the entire market.

Risks when investing Sanctions
should be a major risk when investing in the metals sector, as in any market, given Russia’s growing relations with the US and EU countries. However, if we consider it holistically, then according to Kabakov, the Russian stock market is vastly . When comparing steel companies, use standard multipliers.

Share Value Multiple
The P/E ratio expresses the ratio of the current stock price to earnings and indicates how long a company would have to work to fully recoup its equity capital for the same profit. The lower the value of this multiplier, the better. The EV/EBITDA multiple measures a company’s fair value to its earnings before taxes, interest, and depreciation. Currently, the highest multiplier is at RUSAL, which indicates that the company has a fairly high debt load, while the lowest is at MMK.

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EBITDA margin, which shows a company’s operating income as a percentage of revenue, has the lowest margin at 7% for Rusal and 36% for Severstal.

In terms of payout ratio

The highest yield is NLMK with a dividend yield of more than 10%, while Severstal and MMK have 8.8% and 7.5% respectively.

What is an deposit
An unclaimed deposit is a deposit that has not been for a long time. These are pennies left in checking accounts, small deposits or relatively small account balances of 1000-1500 rubles, and there may be wealthy people who make large deposits in banks and forget about them.

The lion’s share of  deposits are the from CU Leads to er deposits. Such deposits may have no heirs, or the heirs may not know in which bank the money is . Sometimes the cost of contacting a notary can be more expensive than the balance on the account.

Also  are deposits not  by the deposit insurance institution in the event of an  event (bank failure, revocation of license).

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