Who is  to Obtain a New Housing to Improve His Living

There is no reason to worry about the fate of savings, and the legislation does not provide for withdrawals from “dormant” deposits. You should always be vigilant and competent when it comes to finances.

If in Soviet times, in order to obtain a new house, it was enough to obtain an order, but now, with the implementation of new legislation, it has been by social rental housing contracts.

This agreement is of particular importance,  is to it in the Housing Code of the Russian Federation. Check it out if you have time, you’ll learn a lot of useful things.

But these are purely built

Now, let’s go straight to the treaty itself, and we’ll start with its participants. Like all other contracts, it has several parties:

I. The lessee refers to  the person conditi . It is worth noting that there is a group Argentina Mobile Number List of people who have priority in obtaining new houses, including World War II participants, orphans, etc.;

two. Landlords, in their role, are usually the owners of the dwelling on the National Estate Fund, or the same owner on the Municipal Fund. It is worth noting that the owner may be one of the  employees of the above-organization, or it may be the management company that has been grantd the right to conduct such transactions.

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What is the subject of the contract in this case?
The subject of a social tenancy agreement is from CU Leads to building that meets all hygiene and housing standards, adequately ensuring the comfort and safety of future tenants. More specifically, the following objects can serve as such premises:

Apartment (or part thereof);
residential building (or part thereof).
As for individual parts, there must be a prerequisite here, that is, the recipient’s living area must be , that is, you must be  by at least one wall.

Now let’s talk about reaching

This type of agreement is a particularly important document. As we all know, the basis here is the agreement itself, which is in writing, which is clearly in Article 63 Paragraph 1 of LC RF, but don’t forget about documents like transfer and acceptance certificates, without which you simply cannot get your Home.

It’s worth paying attention to some nuances that are often by ordinary citizens.

Who should be in the contract? If we are to be by our LCD, the employer himself and his family members (spouse, children, and parents) should be in the agreement; in the contract, but after he is born, the contract has to make some changes that are for the utilities to be blle correctly.

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