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Can history be corrected?
A person’s pay rating is often important not only to creditors, but also to certain employers. And in the future, the basis for storing history could be supplemented with data on outstanding fines and taxes, as well as payment of utility bills. Therefore, the credit history should be corrected as soon as possible.

First, you need to make a request to BKI and obtain reliable information from the bureau. A borrower is entitled to receive his/her historical data from the bureau free of charge once a year.

Many late payments are likely to become history, for example, old unpaid SIM cards or unpaid utility bills. This is all stored in the bureau and is the determining factor for many banks to issue money.

How to Fix Bad Letters

With Records
There are several simple and affordable ways, available for almost every client, to correct history:

Register and pay 3-5 loans in turn in microfinance organizations;
credit registered households use Bolivia Mobile Number List or phone calls and make timely payments;
register and often use credit cards from the largest banks.
Getting a loan at the biggest banks can be quite difficult if you have a bad credit history. But if the situation is corrected, then the bank is likely to take an interest in reliable customers and change their decision in a positive direction.

You can also open a bank deposit, and the balance will be charged monthly. A small amount of money should be put into this deposit each month. In this case, financial experts will see financial discipline, which will have a positive impact on the client’s rating. And probably after a while, banks will be ready to issue consumer loans or mortgages to borrowers.

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Make a small loan
You can get a short-term loan at the company office or on the official website.

Since the decision to grant a loan is

Made in minutes, the company   processes the borrower’s rating without yo from CU Leads to In this case, even bankrupts can be approved.

In order for information about timely loan repayment to reach the bureau, you should apply for a loan from a large company that has provided loan services for more than 3 years.

After paying off the loan for a month, you can get a new one, and so on. Once you have paid off your debt, you can check with your manager whether the data on debt repayment has been sent to BKI.

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