There Are Several Types of Portfolios

An investor can be “passive” or “active”, it all depends on the strategy he follows in allocating his assets. Therefore, the latter will continue to buy and sell according to the slight changes in the market. Passive investors try to buy and hold assets for the long term.

There can be multiple types of assets. Among them are stocks, precious metals, deposits, cash, futures, etc. Proper allocation of these assets is important when forming a portfolio. Therefore, you should not only invest in precious metals and the like. You could lose a significant portion of your capital as their value in the market decreases. It is best to invest in several different assets that are least dependent on each other.

They are according to the following criteria:

A risk level

Depends on how quickly the investor wants to receive income. So “aggressive” will try to invest Bahrain Mobile Number List in actively growing companies, high-yield bonds. He has to constantly monitor how they are doing in the market, or he risks losing most of his money. Dove and Conservative seek to maintain their positions by investing in reliable banks and precious metals.

deadline for achieving the goal

There are short term and long term. Depending on the choice, high-risk or low-risk assets are in the strategy.

When compiling your own investment portfolio, it is that you follow these basic principles so that you can allocate your assets in a manner:

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Choose the asset with the least risk and the greatest return;
the dependence between the instruments should be the least;
evaluate their risk tolerance—whether investors can calmly perceive the sharp drop in the quotation;
look for the broker with the best commission
; Assign assets in from CU Leads to er portfolio.
An investment portfolio differs from a simple bank deposit, because with it you can both significantly increase your initial capital and lose a large part.

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