What is Open Deposits Accounts in Investment

Although it is to the bank’s advantage to keep the money circulating, rather than looking for an owner or heir.

International practice
Abroad, they handle these funds differently. For example, in the  States, funds go to charity and education in the region where the bank is . In the UK, deposits that go for more than 15 years are irrevocably written off and gradually for charitable purposes.

In Switzerland, bankers have a website to find heirs, but if they can’t find them, the sums are written off to the budget. In France, deposits  for 10 years are  to the national depository institution.

Who will get in russia

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is no legislation regulating the disposition of funds. The Civil Code of the Russian Federation has the concept of “confiscation of property”. If an contribution falls under the concept, then the amount goes to the budget. But this is difficult to do because there are no clear laws and regulations for this situation.

However, by law, banks have the right to unilaterally close such accounts by notifying the customer if there has been no movement in the deposits or accounts within 12 months. If no one responds, the money will be by Conduit cn Phone Numbers to the central bank for 75 years, after which period the money will go to the state. If the account holder or heirs show up before this period expires, all of them can receive their due money without any problem. Bulk SMS UAE

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But omniscient bankers are in no hurry to transfer money to the central bank, because it is more profitable to “roll” them themselves. At most banks, deposits are automatically over to the next term at the current interest rate, or to the account “on demand” at 0.01% per annum.

Some time ago, representatives  discussing the transfer of donations to the budget. But that actually contradicted the constitution, so those discussions never took place.

A building for citizens

If one is the owner of the deposit, you should have a folder in which you can   accurately and timely file contracts and all documents pertaining to your deposin general, for all financial activities, from CU Leads to including mutual funds, securities investments. If these are online products, please print out at least basic data such as:

in non-metal accounts, securities, etc.)
Location of open products
Investment amount.

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