The Preparation of Promising Shortlist

The specific risks of the U.S. market and its higher volatility to the Russian market. Vladimir Potapov, senior vice president of VTB, said that given that the attractiveness of U.S. dividend stocks is gradually decreasing, and emerging market players are showing more in low interest rate conditions,  of U.S. issuers doesn’t make sense Profitability…

Download the complete list of US Dividend Aristocrats by industry from 64 companies in Excel.

View the list of American Dividend Aristocrats in PDF format.

According to expert Alexei Debelov, the recent dividend yield of the US index is less than 2%, so it is necessary to build a portfolio with a higher current yield as an alternative to high-yield bonds.

Interesting: Ranking of the best dividend stocks for Russian and US companies.
As for the Russian companies in the RTS index, the vast majority pay fairly high dividends, so dividend distributions do not lead to new products. Expert Kirill Komarov holds a similar view, according to which a Jamaica Mobile Number List can form a portfolio of 24 shares on his own, thus avoiding additional costs in the form of commissions. Ultimately, an investor’s decision when choosing an asset will depend on the mission set and the possibility of entering the stock market.

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Webster’s New International Dictionary, Third Edition (1981) defines monopoly as follows: “Ownership or control permits the domination of means of production or markets in a firm or occupation, usually for the purpose of controlling prices, by legal means of exclusion (in the form of government subsidies, statutes, patents or copyrights) or by controlling sources of supply (as in ownership of mines), or by expropriating particular items or commodities (as in market occupation), or by  or action. ”

From the definition of this term

Obviously, special government funding (grants) and legal   interests (franchises, patents, copyrights) are to be the root causes of monopoly formati from CU Leads to NOW.

As for other reasons, it should be said that in order to have a monopoly. One must have full control over the sources of supply to the goods or service. And this is usually only possible if the company acquires exclusive rights. Development, exploitation, commercialization) from the national ruler. If these “Rights” are strictly . This can be by prohibiting or severe. Restricting external supplies of that good or. Service from entering the territory controlled by the ruler. Otherwise the main purpose of a monopoly, which is to control selling prices, would not be.

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