Russian Metallurgical Company Shares

If the world economy really enters a new cycle stage, and many experts even declare a super cycle, Kabakov believes that Russian metallurgy has a good prospect at least in the next few years. Before you start investing in the metallurgical industry, you should familiarize yourself with the market leaders in more detail.

Ferrous metallurgy is represented by Severstal, NLMK and MMK, whose main income comes from the growth of industrial production and construction.

Severstal and ME

In other words, Severstal looks more confident, but it is worth considering that the company’s share price, as well as NLMK’s, have risen a lot recently.

As for MMK, this company lags far behind its competitors in terms of structure and output, and 80% of its demand comes from the domestic market. The company cut its dividend in the first half of last year, but has now promised to increase it. Experts recommend including stocks of all three in a portfolio because it’s unclear whose stock will “get out” in the long run.

Nickel reduction
In the non-ferrous metals market, GMK Norilsk Nickel and Norilsk Nickel’s shareholder Rusal are leading the way. Nirnickel pays a fairly high dividend, which allows Rusal to pay off its huge debt. An important fact that deserves Cyprus Mobile Number List attention is that the Nornickel-owned CHPP-3 accident that in May 2020 on Rusal in the most negative way. Recall that according to Rosprirodnadzor’s decision, fines amounted to 150 billion rubles.

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On the other hand, Rusal is benefiting from  aluminum demand. According to Kabakov, “Rusal” can be a kind of “star” on the Russian stock market.

Russolo Nonferrous

Perhaps you from CU Leads to er consumers is big tech companies, but experts point out that as society gradually shifts to electric vehicles, automakers’ demand for non-ferrous metals will also increase. Among the producers of non-ferrous metals, such companies as Rusolovo can be.

The national coup on February 1, 2021 the supply of tin from Myanmar, leading to a shortage of tin in the market. As a result, the stock quote of the Russian manufacturer in two days to 16 rubles.

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