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Finally you Study the market The first step is to analyze the market. It means not only understanding the interests and preferences of users. Who browse the web but also identifying competitors and studying their moves. This certainly does not mean copying but highlighting their strengths and weaknesses in order to do better. 2. Optimize the website for SEO SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and this means that there are rules to apply to appear among the first pages of search engines. Studying keywords, producing quality content (consistent with what is proposed) are just some of the actions to be taken to be found on the web and not just be present online.

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In our dedicated article! 3. Create a usable and mobile friendly website To be chosen it is essential that the site is well structured and fast, otherwise Hong Kong Telegram Number Data the chances of running into the so-called abandoned cart would increase. Furthermore, it is also important that the mobile version site ensures an excellent User Experience , let us remember that 6 out of 10 users carry out their searches/purchases on their mobile phones. 4. Invest in the local SEO function Local SEO means positioning the website among the local search results and thus being among the first in a specific area.

Let’s think, for example, of the user who needs

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To find a restaurant in a particular location of the city that he doesn’t know: local SEO will help him find the places in that particular area. 5. Start a blog Japan Email List with interesting content Many of the brands that have dedicated part of their website to the blog have had an increase in traffic, with an increase in sales and consequently visibility. To understand the importance of a company blog to increase traffic to your website, also read our article ” Why a company blog increases your business.

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