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We hope this Fewer visits equals fewer contacts and little revenue. The best option would be to invest in advertising campaigns, in order to reach users and attract them to your site. If you’re on a budget, invest in SEO writing . It is less expensive and very effective for increasing traffic over time. Do you want to increase traffic to your website? Download our SEO Guide! 12 tips for writing SEO oriented articles Below you will find some valid tips and SEO rules to apply SEO copywriting to your writing and obtain excellent results. Let’s find out together what they are.

Use headings to your advantage

Titles help Google web crawlers understand the post and sections of your site. Crawlers can be equated to your readers who would like an overview Canada Telegram Number Data of your writing to know in advance what it is about. We are talking about the title, H1 , and then the subtopics with H2 , H3 and H4 . Subheadings are useful for clarifying content and including keywords with a high search volume. The right ones will help you increase your chances of optimizing your site’s ranking on Google’s SERP. 2.

Optimize content for featured snippets

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Featured snippets ” on Google are nothing more than the most direct responses to search queries entered by users. If you’re looking for a Brazil Email List specific question, the search engine can show you the best answer in the foreground. So, you have to put part of the question in your answer to get a snippet. If the keyword requires a definition, your answer should be about 58 words long to get the featured snippet. 3. Write for people, not Google There are many rules for writing with a view to SEO optimization, but what you need to know is that those who search on Google need to find an answer.

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