Study a link building strategy If you want to position

Study a link Always be updated In a competitive market. It is important.That every channel used to communicate with the outside world is always up to date. The Google algorithm (the same one that may or may not penalize. The ranking of your page) evaluates the date on which a piece of content was published, replacing the latter with another competing article if it deems it obsolete. and no longer interesting for users. The blog strategy of continuously updating content is very important, remember that! 7. Develop a precise and timely editorial plan As just mentioned, it is good practice to update articles on a regular basis to obtain a high ranking and be rewarded by Google.

How to make an editorial plan for the blog

Download our template to help you. 8. Always evaluate your performance To have good online visibility it is a good idea to carry out periodic India Telegram Number Data checks and always study the positioning of the site on the main search engines. Only in this way is it possible to keep the channel in an excellent position in the Google SERP. Correcting a strategy if you notice negative results is the best way to avoid wasting further time and/or money. Data analysis in digital marketing is very important because it can help you on a path of constant growth.

In SEO it is also important to understand

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KPIs to monitor when carrying out an analysis, try taking a look at our article on the matter. 9. Advertise on major social media 70% of the population Korea Email List now has an active social network profile, this means that to increase your popularity and be chosen it is important to communicate with potential customers also through social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube… ). There are now many users who declare that they use these means of communication before making a specific purchase. The content distribution strategy is essential to make the most of the content we have spent time and resources on.

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