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Presence and Informational research has as its primary objective. That of providing the user with information that he does not know or at least intends to delve into. The traffic value, in this case, is lower, because the user searches only out of curiosity and, consequently. Is far from the final purchase of the product or service in question. Tailor-made red jacket, best restaurant in Turin, three-star low-cost hotel in Cuneo, are good examples in this regard. Google and search engines try to understand the purpose of the search in order to return results as much as possible in line with the objective of the person concerned.

And to do this semantic analysis is essential

Provided, however, that the context is necessarily taken into account. What is context? Context is the deep understanding behind a user’s search intent. The factors that the search engine tends to consider for the purposes of identifying the Iraq Telegram Number Data context are the following: geolocation of the browsing session : when a query is typed into the search engine space, Google considers the user’s location. If you type, for example, “weather today” as a search query, the returned result will concern the city where you are located. All this happens automatically based on the current position detected; co-occurrence of terms : Google takes into account how words combine.

The word debt for example can be related

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To the sector of online financing and loans among those seeking additional liquidity to face an imminent deadline, but also to payment systems (debit card). typing errors : a search engine in semantic analysis work is able to recognize typing errors Philippine Email List without any kind of hitch. “Maybe you were looking for xxx” is a phrase that practically everyone has read on various occasions. Furthermore, Google also recognizes synonyms and variations between singular and plural; natural language interpretation : following a query, such as “when does the sun rise in Buenos Aires”, Google simply returns the result relating to the time of the indicated location.

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