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Ask the Eclettica Ambiguity of human language. The weakness of Google and other search engines lies in the fact that deciphering human language. With all its ambiguities is not at all simple. On many occasions, the keywords inserted summarize a decidedly complex reasoning. When reading the texts entered by users, search engines choose in a few milliseconds which semantic meanings are most in line with the typed text. Rice, rigour, network are examples where the meaning can vary and without having a clear overview of the context, one does not have the absolute certainty of being able to interpret the meaning.

Purpose of the search query and context

Purpose of the search query and context are the two basic points of SEO semantic analysis. The search intent depends on the real motivation Iran Telegram Number Data of the person concerned: looking for information, finding a product online, viewing the characteristics of a service, satisfying a curiosity . Marketing experts underline that there are essentially three types of searches carried out by users. In details: navigational search has an average high traffic value. This has the basic objective of allowing you to access a website whose URL and . Furthermore, it often leads to conversion, because the reference to a brand is clear.

If the interested party types the keyword

Telegram Number Data

Nike into Google, he does so with the aim of landing on the company’s website. Because he does not remember the URL. This type of search, not Mexico Email List surprisingly, is also known by the name “branded. due to the reference to the brand. transactional search is characterized by the highest number. Of conversions carried out. Generally, taking into account the keywords entered, when a user lands on the desired website, there is a greater chance of conversion: purchase of a product on the marketplace Subscribe to the newsletter request for an online quote following the completion of the fields of a form become a new follower on social networks For example, by typing the name of a specific shoe model, such as Nike Air Force, or Compass online loan quote, the user will respond with a certain probability to a call to action.

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