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Where you How to make an SEO compatible WordPress theme? SEO compatibility is extremely important for WordPress theme. In order to evaluate how SEO compatible a theme is, you need to look at the following situations.301 redirect is the best method when changing the address. If you ask why redirection is done? For some, this may be a reason to escape from Google penalties. In our opinion, although it is certain that criminal proceedings will be applied again soon after the guidance. For this reason, it would be healthier to apply link cleaning or other methods of avoiding penalties.

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over, user hits, pagerank, page authority etc. other SEO criteria, you naturally say “oh no”. However, if you follow the steps below. You can move Belgium Telegram Number Data your site to another domain with all SEO features by pulling a 301. Likewise, you should use the same method when you want to change the URL of one of the subpages. What is redirection? A redirect is a way to send both users and search engines to a different URL than they originally intended. The three most commonly used redirect methods are 301, 302 and Meta codes.

What is domain forwarding

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It is a structure that allows people to ergonomically navigate to the new url when the old url is typed in domain name changes or subfolder or subpage url changes. In practice, it is known as the use of 301 and 302 redirect. Both redirects have their Vietnam Telegram Number List own usage areas. What is 301 redirect? It is one of the redirects used when moving from one domain to another or when it is necessary to permanently change the address of a subpage. Its basic principle is that it definitely involves moving. In other words, our old address was this, now we will broadcast from this address.

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