An Analyst for Industries With High Dividend Yields

The steel industry, benefiting from the recovery of demand in China, has relatively high profitability. Shareholders of companies related to the consumer and telecommunications industries should not be either.

According to Irina Prokhorova, companies in the construction industry, as well as representatives of the retail and telecommunications industries, will show the highest profitability on the 2020 payout results . In addition, companies in the energy and fertilizer industries, as well as banks, will show fairly high levels of profitability, with only modest gains in terms of profitability.

Shareholders of the vast majority of SOEs

And rest easy knowing they continue to pay out up to 50% of net profits as required by major shareholders under IFRS. The only exception is the company Aeroflot, which itself could only be with state support.

IMPORTANT: Shares are on purchases, sales, and dividend payments.
US Dividend Aristocrats
Unlike in Russia, the West has a much wider selection of companies seen as steady dividend payers, including categories ranging from arms makers to food. Investors who have recently assets in growth companies are increasingly drawn to the US dividend story, with the vast majority coming from the IT sector, said Yulia Melnikova, an analyst at SMS Gateway Lithuania representing Alfa Capital Management Uruguay Mobile Number List Let’s take a closer look at the shortlist for America’s Dividend Aristocrats.

Investors should not worry about the termination of payments in non-cyclical and protective securities, which include pharmaceutical and precious metals makers, said Yulia Melnikova. The companies’ financial health has improved significantly due to the rise in the price of gold, considered a protective asset. In addition, according to experts, special attention should be paid to the industrial sector, with an eye on the 3M company. As for the telecom sector, AT&T’s securities deserve a mention.

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According to Vadim Merkulov, head of analytics at Freedom Finance, more than 20% of the “dividend aristocrats” represent the consumer sector, an increase of more than 20% during the coronavirus pandemic. Despite the customer exodus, average checks in U.S. stores increased, while online purchases increased 58% to 177%. As such, all of the large issuers in the industry can afford to pay dividends. Dividends in the consumer staples and utilities categories rose 12.8% and 9.3%, while those in the industrials and energy sectors fell 10% and 4.1%, respectively.

According to Finam Group analyst Schell

According to Guy Kaufman, the growth leaders in terms of dividend payout from CU Leads to ltria (Philip Morris), AT&T and ExxonMobil. RSHB Asset Management representative Mikhail Armyakov said given that investors are pinning their hopes on a 6% increase in US GDP this year and the gradual lifting of restrictions, the average dividend yield will reach 1.54%, surpassing 2% for the third consecutive year. Analyst Ivan Avseyko, representing Otkritie Broker, recommends watching healthcare, telecoms and utilities, while being wary of energy and financials.

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