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Initially it was a wish of theirs, they did not think it would be a venture, but here it . Now the group has five members Arnold, Ejona, Niki, Elsid and Endri. Read: Huskymag, the Albanian-American platform of the boy from Durrës The cooperation and communication they have with each other has made the work go better and exceed expectations. They state that it took a lot of work to create what is today the basic product.

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Apart  from growing a plant in completely normal conditions as it grows in  the ground, are aesthetic and decorative for interiors. NO Portugal mobile number list But how does a plant manage to grow in a environment, are pesticides used to grow it? Arnoldi and Ejona tell BusinessMag. That in order to create living conditions for the plant inside the glass container, sand or stones, carbon, and dry plants, decoration, mosses and finally the plant itself are .

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Pesticides in their work are and will be to the extent of . Internet searches and experiments are the first helping hand given to them. from CU Leads to ouragement of society. And the social network Instagram them create a name,

but they do not leave without mentioning the help given by the Mayor Erion Veliaj, the architectural studios and the interest that the  towards their business concept. They tell us that soon they will open the atelier and studio premises, which can be visite by anyone. In the future, we aim for nature in miniature to be a part of everyone’s home”, they say. When we say successful person, we immediately think of a smart and highly intelligent person.

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