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Finally the Data Visualization Challenge was realiz for the first time in Kosovo.The purpose of the challenge was to ucate and inspire the public with the perspectives of data usability, with special emphasis on the open data of the Government of Kosovo, which are publish on the National Open Data portal.

The public’s familiarity with these perspectives is seen as a good opportunity for citizens to monitor the government’s work, to increase citizen participation and increase innovation. Over young people compet in this project, where three prizes were award: Best infographic € The best blog.

Including Colorado and Pennsylvania

The best video-animation  Venture Iran Mobile Number List UP has been establish for two years and offers financial support to the best projects. For the first place, the financial support goes up to , euros, for the second place , euros and for the third place , euros. However, professional support is offer to all students .

The article was previously publish on page of issue of Business Magazine Albania . You Can Browse Here no. of her. STARTUP Updat on: depend on a strong base of employers, and startups are becoming increasingly important to the future of cities and communities. Here are some things local and state governments can do to support startups: Realizing that retail will never be the same.

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Governments have already implement

We are just beginning to see the imp from CU Leads to  will have on local retail.Governments must fully embrace online shopping and adapt to changes in technology. Adopt a public policy that supports startups (this doesn’t just mean cutting taxes).

I have been a part of more than one startup community for almost a decade. I’ve never heard of tax rates becoming an obstacle to a startup’s success. However, I have heard startup founders mention the lack of grant support. And that continuously.Local, state and feral governments should at least discuss how the public sector can fill this early funding gap.

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