What Does Dividend Aristocrat Mean

Recently, the procedure for opening a brokerage account has been greatly , and some brokers do not make such a requirement if they set a minimum investment amount, which allows you to deposit 100 rubles in the account. However, in order for the funds in the terminal to be displayed correctly enough, it is better to deposit several thousand rubles at a time.

If we turn to the classic view, a “dividend aristocrat” is one in which a company has paid its shareholders commensurately for more than 25 years, with each payment being greater than the previous one.

As for the US, such companies should be from the S&P 500 index, while the Russian stock market is still young and there are simply no eligible issuers. As such, we should be talking about the companies closest to the “dividend aristocrat” category.

Dividends are expensive in Russia

Taking into account the actual situation in Russia, such companies must meet the requirements of stability and liquidity, while having a moderate debt load and maintaining the ability to pay dividends, said Kirill Komarov, head of the capital consulting  department EL Salvador Mobile Number List Capabilities, despite the negatives of external characteristics. Analyst Irina Prokhorova, representing Otkritie Management Company, took a similar view.

If we tighten the selection a bit to include dividend payment growth over the past five years (excluding one year) as one of the criteria, then from a formal perspective, companies such as:

The vast majority of analysts are to place the following companies at the top of the list of companies to deserve the title of “Dividend Aristocrats”:

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When selecting an issuer, Irina Prokhorova recommends focusing on the following key criteria:

Their distribution against

investment plan.
For private investors just taking their first steps in the stock market, experts recommend starting with mutual funds that deal with verified clients. To give her portfolio additional protection, analyst Yulia Melnikova, representing Alfa Capital, recommends including defensive stocks in MTS and Moscow Exchan from CU Leads to cks showed enough   stability at the end of 2020, and even increased profitability, which allows us to count on maintaining dividend payouts.

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