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While the sector’s business is not expected to fully recover until the second half of the year, stock prices have risen sharply, underestimating the level of dividend yields. According to Kirill Komarov, head of the investment advisory department at Tinkoff Investments, companies in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as some representatives of the consumer sector, are currently trading fairly cheaply. This is because these categories, unlike the IT industry and cyclical stocks, have not attracte more attention from the public recently. Although the profitability of the American “dividend aristocrats” is not high, their main advantage is stability,

Unlike Russia, the Unite States pays dividends on a quarterly basis, taking into account the systematic increase in the amount. According to expert Vadim Merkulov, the assets of American companies must be held for at least three years through dividend reinvestment. In his view, the three-year expecte return could be 30%, and Kirill Komarov sees a five- to 15-year horizon for dividend investors. Pavel Pakhomov, head of the analytical center of the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange, said that buying U.S. dividend stocks can be  to buying perpetual bonds, and the investor must understand that he should not worry .

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buy stocks. Oksana Kholodenko, head of analytics at BCS World of Investments, three companies that deserve special attention. According to experts, in the near future,  Southern Company, the gas and electric company Paraguay Mobile Number List that has . Defense firm Lockhee Martin has also been increasing its payouts to shareholders for 18 years. It was by chipmaker Texas Instruments, which has its dividend for 17 consecutive years.

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The near future

Enter the ranks of “Dividend Aristocrats”.  As Oksana Kholodenko, a representative of BCS World of Investments, pointed out, shareholders’ calm may be by factors such as the mutating coronavirus and the debate in the US Congress over budget poli from CU Leads to  Also, the lack of dialogue with China and the attacks on big companies by U.S. regulators could play a role. We should not forget the debt problems of the US and Chinese governments, as well as the high levels of debt in the corporate sector.

According to Kirill Komarov, there are only two threats that directly affect investors, namely inflation and dividend cuts, and in relation to this one should focus on finding payouts up to 80 % of unreputable companies.

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