Which is Better – Investing or Speculating

Financial investment refers to the acquisition of various financial instruments, such as stocks, bonds, leasing, and lending to various customers.
Venture Capital – This type of investment can be used to fund new companies that are actively and rapidly growing. This means that in the future they will start generating a lot of Japan Mobile Number List revenue and profits.
Real investment is investment in actual forms of capital or production. Refers to the purchase of fixed assets, real estate, trademarks or other items related to the implementation of company business activities or the improvement of personnel quality and working conditions.
By Investment Term
It is important for investors to understand , therefore the following types are distinguished by investment period:

Short Term Deposit

The medium term is an investment that lasts from one to three years.
Long-term – This is an investment that lasts for three to five years, or even longer.
By Form of Ownership
Depending on who owns the investment funds, the following forms of investment can be distinguished:

Private is an investment made by an individual.
Foreign is an investment capital for which a foreign nationals (citizens of another country) or corporations.
Public investment is money drawn from the budget of a particular country. The investment entities are various state institutions, such as the Central Bank of the Russian Federation or the Ministry of Finance.

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Hybrid – These are investments made by several of the aforementioned entities at the same time.

How Long the Money Will Be Invested

For investment purposes
Depending on the investment purpose pursued, there are:

A direct investment is a capital investment in an existing company engaged in the sale of goods or services. In this case, the entity receives at least 10% of the authorized capital of the business.
Indirect investments are capital investments made through various intermediaries who are financial or investment specialists.
Portfolio – A portfolio of investments in securities (stocks, bonds). In such circumstances, no active financial management is expected. In other words, such a process is called corporate portfolio formation.
Intellect – Plans to invest in research activities to allow coming from CU Leads to useions and develop new innovations, as well as staff training and funds for various training and professional development.
Non-financial – Funds intended to acquire copyrights, intellectual property, franchises, patents, etc.


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