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The obvious and most popular way to manage anxiety is to go for a run. I us to run (badly and slowly) but now I have found the gym suits me better. I have old-lady knees). Whatever it is, work hard enough to get the blood moving. The heart pumping, the sweat flowing and the surplus adrenaline burnt off. Ten or fifteen minutes will do it. Heck, if you are as unfit as me, five minutes will do it. (And there is the add bonus of the smug feeling of knowing you start the day with exercise.

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I have kids a job a comfy b, I can’t possibly get out for a run first thing, is a trick I learnt from my awesome therapist. If you are at home and can’t (or won’t) leave the house, burn off some nervous energy by running up and down the stairs. Five times. Seriously, don’t just think about it – do it. I have us this on numerous occasions, much Guadeloupe Email Lists to the surprise and consternation of my children. It totally works. As your heart gets pumping and you deal with your adrenaline, you will start to feel in control. Dance On which note dance.

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Car dancing is good, but I find a kitchen all from CU Leads to o a particularly effective way to activate my energy against terror. Children are useful here, but most people (if they are worth knowing) will sing into a wooden spoon or spatula if they are offer one. You want to go for something classic and uplifting: think ’s disco, see also Rap. Go outside If you are a smug runner you will have already achiev this, but even if exercise is not your thing, much can be calm by breathing fresh air and looking at the sky. There is something wonderfully grounding about being outdoors.


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