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Answer you will gain in granularity with this method! Make your ads relevant To provide a unique experience for your users, clearly identify who they are and how they engage with content. Feel free to share this data with your ad partners to get the best possible insights to adjust ad formats. This will improve overall ad performance and better targeting as a result. However, it is nearly impossible to ensure that every ad will be completely appropriate for every user.

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You can, however, manage to find out how many times a specific ad has been displayd. This is calld “ frequency capping ”, ie we set a database limit on the number of times the Internet user sees your ads. The cap is usually set at three daily views per user. This may be achievable via ad mdiation platforms that allow this cap to be adjustd for each user segment. Parameters to install frequency capping on Adwords ads Parameters to install frequency capping on.


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Adwords ads Give control to your users Users who can control their relationship with ads have significantly better overall experiences CU Leads with the app. Try not to confuse opt-in and opt-out with advertising control. A user can give his consent, his opt-in, to display an ad, but he also risks changing his mind. It is therefore important to install features to improve the user experience such as: display options, the ability to mute the sound or even skip the announcement. An button to close the window, a volume button or even a countdown are all little marvels for the user who will not feel attackd.




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