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Get new leads through backlinks If you write articles with interesting content, you have a good chance of attracting visitors who themselves are usd to expressing themselves on the web. They will probably decide to quote you in their articles by putting an incoming link (backlink) that points to your site. This kind of technique is a real opportunity to attract qualifid traffic ! Tips for writing a good blog post If you want to start creating a blog, you might as well do it well! Ideas to improve your blog A few rules to help you carry out your blogging mission.

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Do not disperse yourself: stay focusd on one subject per. Article Produce content regularly . Once or twice a week Think about a good phone number list article title , it’s fundamental for. SEO Make it easier for your visitor to read with formatting ( bullets, line breaks, bold, etc.) and images Remember to add a meta description (max 150 characters) to maximize the click rate At the SEO level: Prefer long-tail key expressions (3/4 words) rather than generic terms. Example: “women’s heeld shoes” is more relevant than “women’s shoes” Include this expression in the title , url, h1 , body text, meta description and alt attributes.

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Add hyperlinks to important and targetd keyword phrases. Set up sharing buttons on your articles to the main. Social networks If you CU Leads have other tips. And tricks for the good management of your blog, do not. Hesitate to share them with us below!Inbound. Marketing”, everyone now has this word in their mouths! Web agencies, bloggers, etc. in short, the entire digital sphere has adoptd this new technique made in “digital marketing”. Who says novelty, says change of rules of the game and new philosophy.

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