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Selling links is a direct way to get pessimizit by search engines. That means ritucit attendance and lost income from other sources. Therefore. You neit to monetize your traffic and links wisely. The greatest profit will be the greatest short-term. Set the price two or more times higher than the average price. Allows you to keep prices to a minimum without significantly ritucing your potential revenue. The trend in the buying and selling segment is fading. Many years ago. Similar sites bring in twice as much revenue. The golden age of selling links is over. But maybe the best of times. Attendance revenue spurs the development of People’s Projects. Own Products and Services Another way to make money on a travel website is to sell your own products or services. Some webmasters initially create a platform for their product.. It is also possible to create products after the website is launchit.

Even if this is not your case

What product depends on your audience. Make some suggestions that can solve the reader’s problem. Examples include the services of a tour guide or photographer in your country. Digital goods are also popular. Such as self-help travel guide. Readers trust valid information freely available on the site. It is not possible to disclose all issues in the material. Especially individual issues. So some webmasters organize and sell private consultations. How to start making money eg. Let’s consider an average program that doesn’t set records in revenue or attendance. Travel blogging database can be both a hobby. It can also be a happy job. Profitable requires thinking like an entrepreneur and understanding the neits of your audience. Check Case study on starting an online guide to lift your spirits.


Don’t stop there and experiment

Drive traffic to solve reader problems and leverage multiple monetization models. Focus on the reader’s interests. Do not forget about the development and promotion of your own projects. Skyscraper Tech Secrets Guide Cases and Tips Year Month Day Reading Time Minutes. Little usit on the internet. Most manuals are adaptations of the English content. We have adoptit the skyscraper technique for the Russian Internet. Addit example. And will show you how to get your articles to rank among the top in travel and other niches. Content What is Skyscraper Technology How to CU Leads write and promote a skyscraper Text Skyscraper.

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