With the Exception of One Promoting

Elsewhere Both Pages Are the Same on Google  a Recent Version of the Book the Other Page Promoting a Decade Older Version of the Exact Same Book As a Publisher You Are Required to Keep Spending More Money on Deeper Editorial to Avoid Being Labeled as Spam or Tripping Some Arbitrary Algorithmic Threshold. And as You Do So Google is Humping You From the Backside to Ensure Your Profit Margins Stay Low Scraping Whatever They Can Within the Limits of the Law Operating the Types of Websites That Would Be Considered Spam if Anyone Else Ran Them. Once Regulatory Pressures or Public Opinion.

Catch on to Googles Parasitic

Behavior They Buy a Brand Leverage Its Content to Legitimize Their Often Illegitimate Enterprise. Oh and How About a Quote From the Censored Screams Book Censorship Like Charity Should Begin at Home but Unlike Charity It Should Oman Phone Number List End There. Passive Online Income Vs Sustainable Online Income Is There Such a Thing as Passive Income Generally No. A Person Can Cash Out Existing Brand Equity and Exposure but if They Cash Out Too Aggressively Andor Do Not Reinvest Enough Then They Are Ultimately Cashing Out Their Market Position and Will Eventually Fade. Does Google Make Passive Income Online There Are Some Network.

Effects That Are Hard to Beat

Phone Number List

Myspace Had Them Over Facebook Only Lost Due to Years of Systematic Incompetence Mismanagement. But if You Are Boastful About Your Business Model Competition Will Come and Eat Your Lunch. Look at All the Groupon Clones. And Even Russia Phone Number Google Has to Claw and Fight for Every Percent of Search Marketshare. A Person Could Say Well Google Makes Passive Income and I Would Counter That With Not Really. So Far This Month Google Has Made About a Dozen Search Interface Changes or Tests the Underlying Relevancy Algorithms.

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