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The Propaganda Google Spreads Include Statements Like Users Keep  Though They Have a Choice of a Search Engine Every Time They Open a Browser While Google Maintains That Their Monopolist Marketshare is Due to User Appreciation of Superior Technology a Ton of Their Exposure is Paid for. I Was Helping a Friend Set Up a New Laptop and the Amount of Google Added to the Machine Made Me Feel Like Google is the New Norton or Symantec. If You Use the Internet Explorer Browser to Access the Web It Comes With a Google Toolbar. That Toolbar Defaults to Enhanced Features Enabled. Google Not Only Pays to Be the Default.

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That They Also Pay to Have Competition Removed From the Default Options List Google Also Pays for Chrome to Be Installed in the Laptop. If You Are Curious Enough to Click on the Pinned Chrome Logo Then When It Opens They Try to Set It as Pakistan Phone Number List Your Default Browser. If You Do Use Chrome Regularly You See Chrome Store Ads Bundled Right Into the Browser. Ads Are Also Included Within the Interface of Their Online Tools. For Example if You Use Google Analytics They May Recommend You Try Adsense Adwords or Their Affiliate Network. The Act of Logging Out of Google Service May Trigger Ads for Another. Google Bundled Chat Into.

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Ftc for Bundling Google Buzz Into Gmail a Violation of Users Privacy. Googles Doodle Drawings on Their Homepage May Also Promote Their Other Offerings Even if You Dont Use Chrome or the. Google Toolbar in Internet Explorer Then Saudi Arabia Phone Number Whenever You Use Google They Suggest. Setting It to Your Home Page. And Even if You Dont Change Your Homepage. Google Paid to Be the Default Search Box on Toshibas Default Start Page If You Manage to Somehow Avoid All the Above Google Payola Then They Also Pay Other Browsers Like Firefox to Be the Default Search Service. Further They Then Wait for Those Rd Party Browser Plugins to.

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