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The Nationwide Decline and Austerity Are Already So Obvious That the Oakland Police Publicly Issu Criminals a Laundry List of Crimes That They Wont Even Bother Respond to Burglary Theft Embezzlement Grand Theft Identity Theft Requir to Register as Sex or Arson Offender Dump Waste or Offensive Matter Pass Fictitious Check Stolen License Plate Extortion Vandalism Etc Etc Etc If Markets Are Efficient… There is No Commodity in the World That is as Commoditiz as Money is. Most of It Doesnt Even Require Actual Print but is Just Digits on a Computer Screen…much Like the Digits I Am Typ Right Now. And Yet the Bank Criminals Have Captur So Much of Governance.

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See Them Take of Corporate  Mirror Losses Onto the Public at Large. To Claim That Those Huge Profit Margins Dur Frauddriven Bubbles Are Reasonable and That They Deserv to Be Bail Out Whenever They Get Ths Wrong is Intellectually Ivory Coast Phone Number List Dishonest. If the Taxpayer is Captur of the Downside Risk Then Why Other Than Fraud Are These Bank Criminals Paid a Sle Cent More Than a Person Enlist in the Military Global Instability Internationally We Are at Least as Screw Up as We Are Domestically. Does Outsourc Make the World More Efficient in Many Cases Absolutely. But the Global Imbalances Create.

Unsustainable Current Account Issues

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Can Look to Technology to Solve the Problems Maybe Not Even the White Horses Have Bloody Hooves Apple is One of the Most Profitable Companies in the World. At the Other End of That Supply Chain is a Factory Where Harsh Chemicals Give Iran Phone Number Employees Nerve Damage People Keep Committ Suicide. And as Soon as Those People Get Any Aspirations at All Suddenly Even the Rd World Slave Wage Labor is Too Expensive Over the Next Few Years a Million People Work for Foxconn Will Lose Their Jobs to Robots. If Even Slave Wage Labor Isnt Competitive With Robots Then What Does That Mean for Labor in Countries With a Higher Standard.

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