Role in making the content transformable

Role in making Again, use – between words. If you are going to use several images of the same product when naming it, use it by paying attention to semantic suitability, such as x-urunu-on.jpg, x-urunu-back-view. If you do it this way, you will prevent excessive SEO problems. 2018 Note: Google can now detect what the images are thanks to artificial intelligence. However, image names will still be useful if used correctly. To learn about the information Google has about photos with its artificial intelligence, you can visit Cloud Vision’s official site. Use alt tag In this way, you enable search engine robots to recognize the image more easily.

Use original images Originality is very important

Only in the text, but also in videos and images. You can increase SEO success by using as many original images as possible on your site. Adjust the France WhatsApp Number List image aspect ratio correctly. Optimize the size of the image in terms of aspect as much as possible. The image you place in a 120*120 area should also be 120*120 in size. A larger image you place here will slow down your site. Use Hyphens in Image Names When you rename photos, remember that using a hyphen between terms separates them, while using an underscore joins them.

So if you want to boost your SEO

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The term “red-shirt,” name the relevant image “red-shirt.” Determine the file type The image format you will use is very important for both speed USA WhatsApp Number List and user experience. Here, determine the most suitable format by experimenting in terms of size and quality. Webp format will reduce the size of your site by compressing more than many image formats. Our article which file format should I choose will guide you. jpg png gif formats Adapt Exif values ​​of photos to SEO By changing the exif values ​​and properties of the photos, you can both originalize the image and gain backlinks from those who quote photos from you.

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