Give descriptive and SEO friendly names to the images

Give descriptive To change Exif information, you can right-click on the image in Windows operating system and enter the details section. You can fill in the sections here. If you want to change exif information in bulk, you can use programs such as bulk exif editor.One of the frequently encountered problems when querying your site with Google pagespeed insight ( site speed analysis tool ) or Gtmetrix. “Take advantage of the browser caching feature” is the suggestion. So how is this process done and what does it do? With the mobile first index algorithm, mobile user experience has become even more effective.

Therefore the site should load very

Quickly on both desktop and mobile devices. In fact, the main factor here is to try to load the site on the user’s device in under 4 seconds. Otherwise, giving the green light in site speed analysis tools does not mean seeing the ninety percent. Because you Georgia WhatsApp Number List can easily manipulate the scoring there by deceiving Google bots or GTmetrix bots. How to enable gzip? Compress everything and your site will be faster. Since fast-loading sites provide a better user experience, they can generally be successful in SEO .

You can get the htaccess code for gzip

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Compression on Linux servers by clicking here . However, it is seen in some cases that Gzip imposes a serious server load. Therefore, you may Vietnam WhatsApp Number List or may not choose to apply it yourself by considering the cost of benefit and harm. You can learn detailed information about enabling gzip in Windows from the microsoft help page. Enable compression and your site will load much faster. For this, it will be enough to make Gzip settings. After caching files such as images, js, css, pdf, there will be a noticeable speed up on your site.

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