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Using charts To change Exif information, you can right-click on the image in Windows operating system and enter the details section. You can fill in the sections here. If you want to change exif information in bulk, you can use programs such as bulk exif editor.Digital marketing is a whole with everything, including content and images. That’s why you can’t do SEO just by saying you wrote unique content . There are many points to pay attention to. One of these points is the search engine settings for photos. How can you make your images appear higher in search engines such as Google, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, Bing, Yahoo? We will look for answers to these.

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Containing images and videos generate 94% more impressions than pages containing only text. Visual content can boost and improve a site’s ranking, but this depends on the nature of the images and videos that appear there. Purely decorative Finland WhatsApp Number List elements don’t do much for a site’s visibility, but useful, relevant images do, especially when paired with relevant, keyword-rich text. Properly optimized, high-quality images inserted at appropriate points can elevate the message of a post or page and improve a site’s ranking in a variety of ways. Why are images so important? Nobody wants to read a long article without a single image.

Without images content is generally boring

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As with website design in general, using charts, graphs, and other content visual aids in your content helps it stand out. Besides all this, images UK WhatsApp Number List play a big role in making the content transformable, shareable and linkable. How to make the best SEO settings for images? Give descriptive and SEO friendly names to the images When naming images, if you name the file as product-name.jpg, you will rank higher in image searches. This way, search engines can more easily understand what that image belongs to. Do not use Turkish characters when determining the file name.

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