you create which will make it easier for you later.

Talking about the best SEO plugin, the most well-known and most used is the WordPress plugin by Yoast SEO. This can be proven by looking at the ratings and the large number of users that eve good rating of 5 stars. The most unique thing about this plugin is that there is an indicator of the SEO level of the content

With the complete features above, it allows you to create quality

content or articles that will be Transportation Email List  more SEO friendly. Thus it will be easier for your website to compete with other top websites.

2. WordPress SEO Plugin All in One SEO Pack
Furthermore, the best WordPress plugin that is not much different from the previous one is the All in One SEO Pack. We can see this from the number of users to date as well as from the rating it has. Currently All in One SEO Pack has approximately 3 million users with a rating of 4.5 stars. Its main function is for SEO optimization, the following excellent features are available:

XML Sitemap

Industry Email List
Google Analytics
Automatic creation of meta tags
Duplicate content check
By installing this plugin you can customize it according to your wishes. Be will be ineffective and even cause errors on your website. .

The SEO Framework

3. The SEO Framework
This plugin can be downloaded completely free of charge even without ads in it. The function is also the same for optimizing SEO easily and simply, the plugin will CU Leads  automatically arrange several elements such as title tags, descriptions and targeted keywords. In addition, this plugin can automatically create canonical URLs which prevent duplicate links. The SEO Framework has more than 40 thousand users with a 5 star rating. Apart from that, The SEO Framework also features support for the following features:

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