After accessing the export page on

To move WordPress website data from the old to the new one, the first step that must be taken is to export all site data in one file . You can then download this export file after-accessing-the-export-page-on  to later import it to the new WordPress site. Here’s how to export in WordPress.

Access the Export Page in WordPress

The first way to export data is to access your old Telecommunications Email List  WordPress site dashboard. After that, please enter the tools menu and click export to access the export page.

Export Data on WordPress Sites

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WordPress, the next thing you have to do is export your website data. On the export menu itself, there are two options for exporting data types, namely in the form of text and media libraries.

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Please click export all to export after-accessing-the-export-page-on  all data contained in your WordPress website. After that, the export will be saved in the form of a . So, you can download this file via the export CU Leads  notification and also in the export column for the media library. Later, the file will be downloaded automatically.

Extract Files from WordPress Sites
If the file containing all the website data has been downloaded, then you must first extract the .zip format from the file. Later, when finished extracting, the file will be saved automatically in XML format.

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