Which Depend Largely on Oil Price Forecasts

If we turn to dividends, then according to Zatolokin, the state has recently been actively encouraging oil companies to pay fairly generous dividends, and in connection with this, companies return about 50% of their net profits to shareholders. The exception is Novatek, which is to 30%. Most Rosneft dividends yield between 6% and 7%, while Rosneft and Tatneft reach levels of 9% and 10% respectively.

When investing in the oil and gas industry, special attention should be paid to oil prices, as a fall in the price of this resource automatically leads to a fall in share prices, the dynamics of.

When analyzing oil companies

One of the most important indicators is refining Ecuador Mobile Number List which show how much profit the company will make after processing the oil into products such as diesel, kerosene and gasoline. In this case, the higher the margin, the more profit the company gets.

Special attention should be paid to the actions of the OPEC+ oil cartel to ensure market stability. A particular danger for the oil industry may be a gradual transition to green energy, which US President Joe Biden has repeatedly support for, as well as ESG investing, as investors prefer to invest in companies that support green initiatives as much as possible. In view of this, more and more traditional oil and gas companies have begun to invest in green energy.

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A possible tax changes

It could also have a negative impact on Rosneft, as this factor most directly affects the profitability of companies, both producers and oil exporters. Arguably, taxes are the only opportunity for the state (the owners of these companies) to profit from the business without sharing it with other shareholders.

According to Zatolokin, oil and gas companies   have a fairly solid history while consistently making profits and sharing them with shareh from CU Leads to such, shares of such companies can be a kind of reliable pillar of a portfolio, generating steady income for its owners.

Investing in Oil and Gas Industry Securities
Conversely, a bad rating can prevent clients from obtaining  funds. After all, no bank wants to take the risk of making a loan to someone who hasn’t previously met their debt obligations.

All information about past due and outstanding payments is  to the credit bureaus and for 15 years. On making a new application to receive funds, the banking organization sends a request to the CBI and makes a negative decision after seeing a large number of overdue payments.


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