Social networks are great spaces of sociability, aren’t they? As a good digital marketer, you should know that brands are there to interact and build relationships with their audiences. And, of course, a brand’s audience on social networks is also the one interested in buying its products and services. So we can conclude that social networks are also spaces for selling. We know that, through them, people interact with friends and family, but they also use them to follow profiles of brands they identify with, find out when a new product or service is launched, find out about promotions and even negotiate to buy something there.

In a B2B marketplace for example people often look for solutions

That solve their work problems. That way, sellers need to be in the right place at the right time to interact with them, agree? The ideal place for this is social media. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the digital environment Oil and Gas Email List in which your consumers are and know how to take advantage of the power of interactivity and relationship to approach them and generate sales. That’s where Social Selling comes into play. Want to know more about this strategy? Keep reading this text until the end and find out! What is Social Selling? Social Selling is the process of prospecting potential customers and interacting with them on social networks in order to generate sales .

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Instead of using direct sales approaches this strategy

Looks for the ideal customer profile for the company and approaches them to gain their trust. Companies interact by liking posts, responding in comments, participating in groups and offering valuable content . In this way, they CU Leads gradually build credibility with the potential customer, without rushing to close sales. Therefore, we can say with conviction that social networks are fundamental to help in the sales process, as they bring together everything from brand recognition and awareness to closing the purchase, through the dissemination of organic content , creation of advertisements , links with calls for action and the inclusion of ‘Stores’ within the networks themselves, such as Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok .

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