contact form to track conversions that have occurred

Create a Convert Page Form
To be able to do conversion tracking o From this form you can find out the conversion that occurred. You can create a .

Apart from the contact form, there are other things you need to set

up in WordPress, namely Local and Suburban Passenger Transport Email Lists  creating a conversion page and also setting up a redirect to the conversion page from contact form to track  the contact form. How to create all three of these things in your WordPress?

Create a Contact Form for Conversion Tracking

Industry Email List
To create a contact form in WordPress, you can use various tools or contact contact form to track  form plugins. One of the most frequently used contact form plugins is Contact Form 7.

If the form is created successfully, then you can copy the  of the form by going  sidebar . Next, please enter the code in the column CU Leads  on the page where you want to add a form. After that, the form will appear on the WordPress page.

Create a Conversion Page
After you have successfully created the contact te a conversion page that visitors will go to after filling out the contact form. On this page, you can customize the content according to the goals of your marketing strategy and the form you are creating.

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