Uk Brexit Postponed for Today? Expert Forecast

Interesting: what is brexit in politics? In the literal sense, this is the exit of great britain from the european union (abbr. Brexit from the combination of the words english britain – britain and english exit – exit; pronounced breksit) – this is the political goal of the conservative opposition and some individuals (nationalists and eurosceptics) in the uk.

On january 15, this project was put to a vote in the lower house of the british parliament, but was strongly – 432 parliamentarians the agreement in its current form, only 202  favor. In connection with the failure of the project, may the next stage of her plan: find out what terms of the agreement regarding the legal status of the irish border.

Irish Border: a Stumbling Block for Both Brexiters and Opponents


While theresa may ready to soften her brexit stance after. The collapse of the draft deal according to the latest news, she ultimately  to back down from. The your Europe Cell Phone Number List company government’s original terms for a “divorce” from the eu (tightening immigration controls, legislative autonomy, ending contributions to the eu budget, etc.).

Conservative supporters of a no-deal brexit  of. The risk of a split within the party if may from the principles originally . Instead of revisiting the founding principles of brexit, may has to tackle. The issue of the status of the irish border, which worries. Both her party members and mps from the democratic unionist party, in earnest.

The Current Draft Agreement Provides for a Kind

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Safety cushion, the so-“Backstop” – a plan under which the uk will automatically enter the customs union with the eu after the transition period, unless other terms of the deal are .

However, this “Emergency” regime causes concern among parliamentarians. Thus, supporters of a “hard” brexit fear that the uk could “hang” in this regime for many years. The end from CU Leads to of the regime must be agreed by a joint committee – that is, it must be by both european and british delegates. Representatives of the democratic unionist party are categorically against the fact that the status of northern ireland after brexit differs from the status of other regions of the uk.

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