The question that will arise is how

If not, it means you have to change the strategy and improve by reflecting on the previous strategy. The goal of conversion tracking is ultimately The question that  that you can maximize ROI for the better.

Conversion Tracking in WordPress
conversion tracking

we can do conversion tracking if the marketing Motor Freight Transportation Email List  strategy is done online. Actually, because you do it online through a website or Google Ads advertising platform, measurement will be easier. You simply

use various tools available online.

If you use Google Ads as a marketing strategy, you can use Google Analytics as a tool to measure the conversions that occur. Interestingly, you can connect your website to Google Analytics. So, conversions that occur on the website from advertisements installed on Google Ads, can be detected directly by Google Analytics.

So you don’t get confused, here’s how to do conversion tracking in WordPress using

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Create a Google Analytics Account for Conversion Tracking
conversion tracking

Before using this conversion tracking tool, make sure CU Leads  you already have an account. If not, you can easily create one by accessing the Google Analytics page using your Google account.

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After that, then you create an account for your business by following the steps. The method is not that difficult, you can do it easily. It’s just that, make sure you choose the country of Indonesia if your business is in the territory of Indonesia.

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