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Costs from the workplace, home or even mobile. into the e-Albania portal with their credentials. They can make partial or full payment for the following taxes and fees. Small Business Personal Income Tax Gambling Tax Employment Income Tax .

Withholding tax • value added tax simplified profit tax • profit. Tax  personal income tax national taxes  national tariffs . Royalties • social security and health contributions . Global obligations penalties read taxation publishes national tax changese-albania is the online. Platform that offers many public services, starting from the birth certificate. This platform is part of the plan for the decentralization of public services.~ minutes of reading.

The presence of informal lending

Confindustria estimates that the latest Malta Mobile Number List report of the IMF monitoring mission should serve as a signal for political decision-making to fundamentally change the current economic, financial and fiscal policies.

The conclusions of the May report of the IMF mission can also be read as an earlier tactical move by the IMF.Movement, according to Confindustria, similar to the attitude taken towards the pyramid schemes of – , to leave all the responsibility of the lack of effectiveness of fiscal and economic policies so far only to the Government of Albania in an effort to avoid the part and role her.

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Indicate a low fiscal performance

Gjergj Buxhuku, says that, “confindustria estimates that the data of the first quarter of show from CU Leads to continuation of poor financial results and the continuation of last year’s problems”.

According to Konfindustria, “the high level of public debt of at least % of GDP, over million euros of VAT liabilities not returned to the business until the end of the first months of , the significant drop by – points of the growth forecast economic, the significant reduction of VAT revenues, the continuation of business lending at the lowest historical levels.

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