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Rama directly personally instigat an anti-legal attack on the interests of the businessman Becchetti.  It has been proven that Becchetti, television and his business interests, right to suspend arbitrary decisions and it has been proven. That all these illegal arbitrary actions direct by i hat the Court of Arbitration has verifi as fraudulent.

In informal communications, the businessman Becchetti has stat that he is already celebrating and that the volume of the decision bundles is in direct proportion to the monetary amount he will receive as compensation.

The Albanian government has provid

It is expect that the amount of compensation Austria Mobile Number List will be over million euros. Becchetti’s legal office is working on translating the decision into Albanian and distributing it to the public.The decision was made on April.

The closure of the case and the decision is also confirm on the website of the Court of Arbitration in Washington.

To see the disposition of this decision, click here of enterprises in the field of agribusiness for financing with public funds are clos. May is the deadline for submitting projects. A fund of million euros this year. million euros are expect to go towards increasing the competitiveness of livestock and fishing products.

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Farmers also have a deadline

The objective is also to ruce productid from CU Leads to rough payments.

For register animals, for the delivery of milk, as well as for anchovies and sardines caught. Part of the support within this fund are also projects aim at diversifying economic activities in rural areas. It is plann to give the rest of the fund, million euros, for olive production.

In this case, farmers can develop expansion projects by increasing. The areas plant with olives, improving mechanization and increasing olive oil production capacities. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, applicants are expect to be inform about the possible selection after two weeks. for submitting additional documentation, if necessaryuntil June.

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