The site should be designed to be mobile compatible

Popular articles, most read articles, recommended articles, etc.) Be sure to have about us and contact pages. Links from your site should be on a separate page in the form target=”_blank . This way, even if they go to another page, your tab will remain open. Direct users to your other articles by providing in-site links within the article, without overdoing it. Rent the server in the country where your target audience is located. If you get hits from Google for a word related to your general content. Your other articles will not attract the attention of this visitor and he will not be able to find what he is looking for.

This situation needs to be analyzed well

Don’t miss it. Visitor analysis should be done in detail. (Language, age, cultural characteristics) While a Turk may stay longer on a page with Mexico Phone Number List images, a German may stay longer on a page containing text or exit depending on whether there is a British SSL certificate. Be sure to read! What is Google Data Studio? How to use? What should be the ideal bounce rate? E-commerce site , news site, corporate site, video site, etc. They all have different average spawn rates. Therefore, there is no ideal figure or standard value.

While the ideal ratio is for video

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And image-heavy sites, it may be 50-60% for article and blog sites. In general, it can be said that the closer you are to zero, the more successful you are. You can use sites such as Alexa to estimate the bounce rate of rival sites. Bounce rates Italy Phone Number List considered ideal according to the industry Corporate Site 30-50% 25-30% for Sites Offering Services Shopping site 25 – 35% National and Local News Site 45 -65% 80 – 85% for Blog Sites 50% for Content Sites Forum sites 75-85% bounce-rate Is a high bounce rate always bad? No, in some cases a high bounce rate can be a positive signal.

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