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For example Just looking for a quick answer to the question above, you’ve just figured it out and can head to the back button without digging around to find out why. This means our blog post was successful in answering your question, and that’s what Google wants. If the page is informative enough and can lead to another page the user wants to know about, such as contact pages, pricing, menus, services and more. In conclusion ; We will always and forever advocate that you continue to measure and monitor performance to see what works.

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The strategies above and measuring how each affects your bounce rate. If you’re confident about the size of your bounce rate, you probably understand the importance of and reliance on other important metrics like conversion rate. If your traffic source Saudi Arabia Phone Number List is primarily paid ads, you should be more tolerant of a higher bounce rate compared to organic traffic. A low bounce rate is a good indicator that visitors are engaging with your website and that you’re providing them with relevant content. With the tips and tricks of this article, you can not only learn what the current bounce rate is like.

I also want to give you practical measures

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To increase the overall SEO success rate on my site. You can contact me from our contact page to get SEO consultancy . February Comments Latvia Phone Number List It increases as you share. Facebook X LinkedIn WhatsApp Email About the Author: Was born in 1979 in. He is married and has two children. He is someone who has been in the world of Digital Marketing and Internet since 1999. As a freelancer, he offers services on topics such as SEO Consultancy, Social Media, Digital Reputation Management and Awareness Raising.

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