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The way of doing It is a real diagnostic check that allows you to understand what is working but above all what is not working on the site, what are the reasons why you do not have a good ranking score and consequently be able to work to improve certain critical aspects. In a nutshell, it can be said that it allows the analysis. Of all those technical aspects that negatively influence. The position in the search results, thus allowing the resolution of problems through technical solutions. The state of health of the site, the quality of the internal links and external .

The way of doing when to do an SEO analysis

Having understood what an SEO. Analysis is and its importance for achieving certain business objectives, the question arises when The way of doing it is time to proceed with this diagnostic test. Even in this case there is no precise rule, it clearly depends on various factors. In theory, however, an SEO audit must Korea Telegram Number Data be carried out when. You decide to create a website from scratch during an SEO friendly migration to make sure. Everything happened without errors when the results on the site’s. Organic traffic are highly insufficient compared to what was planned in the strategy phase. Find out which are the main SEO KPIs to monitor in our article. We repeat: rely on SEO specialists , they will know exactly how and when to carry out an SEO analysis.Website overview Let’s start immediately

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With a general overview of the situation. Finding out who your real rivals are and analyzing them guarantees that you can do as well as them, if not better! Through some SEO Switzerland Email List checker tools it is possible: have a list of the search queries (search keywords) used by them and thus obtain their keywords, in this way you will be able to understand if the direction you are taking is right. The tools to do this can be the HubSpot SEO tool or SEMrush . In all cases, finding out how your competitors attract users is an excellent starting point.

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