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Buys Them Then It is More Free Content for Google  That Their Technology Would Be Primarily a Lowcost Tool for Publications to Expand and Enrich Coverage When Editorial Budgets Are Under Pressure. The Company Founded Last Year Has Customers So Far. Several Are Still Experimenting With the Technology and Stuart Frankel the Chief Executive of Narrative Science Wouldnt Name Them. They Include Newspaper Chains Seeking to Offer Automated Summary Articles for More Extensive Coverage of Local Youth Sports and to Generate Articles About the Quarterly Financial Results of Local Public Companies.

Official Sources Using Automated

Journalism is a Perfect Response to Googles Brandfocused Algorithms Last Fall the Big Ten Network Began Using Narrative Science for Updates of Football and Basketball Games. Those Reports Helped Drive a Surge in Referrals to the Web Iceland Phone Number List Site From Googles Search Algorithm Which Highly Ranks New Content on Popular Subjects Mr. Calderon Says. The Networks Web Traffic for Football Games Last Season Was Percent Higher Than in . How Expensive Cheap is That Technology The Above Linked Article States That the Cost is Far Less by Industry Estimates Than the Average Cost Per Article of Local Online News Ventures Like Aols.

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Run by Demand Media. Once Again Even the Lowest Paid Humans Are Too Expensive When Compared Against the Cost of Robots. And the Exposure Earned by the Machinegenerated Content Will Be Much Greater Than Demand Italy Phone Number Media Gets Since Demand Media Was Torched by the Panda Update and Many of the Sites Using This Algorithmic Journalism Were Given a Ranking Boost by Google Due to Their Brand Strength. The Improved Cost Structure for Firms Employing Algorithmic Journalism Will Evoke Greshams Law. This Starts Off on Niche Market Edges to Legitimize the Application Fund Improvement of the Technology.

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