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Keywords. Salty Droid Interview Have You Ever Seen a One as the Salty Droid Tells All in a Minute Interview. Droids Do Not Talk Longer Than an Hour. Topics Discuss Include Get Rich Quick Get Poor Quick Market Community Build .info Domain Names Srsly the Wrath of Robots and a Few Surprises. Download the Mp Here Like Read More Than Listen Transcription Below. An Interview of the Salty Droid Interviewer Today Were Go to Interview Not a Person So Much as a Robot or Maybe a Person Behind a Robot. Who is the Salty Droid Jason Jones is That the First Question Who is the Salty Droid Interviewer Yes. Jason Jones All Right.

Well the Answer is Jason Jones

. Interviewer Jason Jones. Ok. Why Did You Decide to Create a Robot for Your Website or What Was the Idea Behind That Jason Jones Well I Like Robots First of All Because Everyone Likes Robots. I Was Just Us That as My Online Persona and Afghanistan Phone Number List Then the Whole Salty Droid Project Develop Underneath It. The Robot Just Came Out of Nowhere Out of the Blue. Interviewer When You Are Writ or Talk or Compil Everyth You Do is the Salty Droid Do You View That as an Extension of Yourself or Do You View That as Someth That Separates Yourself From What Youre Do or How Do You Think of It That Way Jason Jones I Think of It Definitely as Separate.

Try to Keep It Completely Depersonaliz

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Keep a Layer in Between It and Me Because the Robot is Really Angry and Aggressive but Those Arent Healthy Emotions to Take on Personally. The Robot is the Character and the Blog is the Project. And Its More Than Just Me. Its More Than One Africa Phone Number Person. Theres a Whole Community There. Im Just One Piece of It. I Definitely Dont Think of Myself as That as the Robot. Interviewer That Leads to Two Questions. One You Built a Community Around This but Then Two You Said That Its Not Good to Have the Anger and Negative Emotions. Do You View the Community as Be Full of Negative Emotions How Can You Create a Community.

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