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Done So for Over a Halfdecade Only Chang Their Approach After They Knew a St Operation Was Underway. For Those Scor at Home This Has Been Googles Approach to the Health Vertical Rd Parties Buy Links That Could Influence Search Results for Important Health Topics Morally Reprehensible Google Sell Links Within the Search Results for Important Health Topics to Criminal Organizations Totally Reasonable Given the Above Investigation It is Not Surpris That They Shut Down Their Health Records Initiative. They Had Already Spent All Their Cribility. Google May Protect You From Some Third Parties but Google Can Not Protect You From Google. D Not.

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Algorithms  While itorially Discriminat Against Other Webmasters for Do the Exact Same Th but Google Also Actively Invests in the Publish Ecosystem Which Pits Them Directly Against Anyone Who Doesnt Receive Their Largesse. Webmasters Singapore Phone Number List Are Told That Hav Networks of Similar Websites is Spammy. And Yet Google Invests is a Company That Owns About Copies of the Exact Same Business Model in the Exact Same Niche as a Roll Up. As We Saw With Beatthatquote Google Ownandoperat Websites Get Penaliz for a Shorter Duration of Time for the Same Offense That Other Websites Get.

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Was Only Through Repeat Exposure of the Absurdity on Seo Blogs That Google Decid to Treat Their Own Property Like They Treat a Typical Webmaster. You Can Also Do Noth Wrong but Have Your Model Undermin by Look Too Similar to a Taiwan Phone Number Company That is Exploit Googles Relevancy Weaknesses Forces Google to Apply Retribution. A Lot of Small Ecommerce Sites Were Purg in the Content Farm Update. What is So Sad About That is That if Not for Account Games Sell Stock as a Business Model a Lot of the Biggest Success Stories in the Content Farm Might Not Even Exist. While the Above Section Focuses on Google.

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