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System has been created against anti-seo of previously vulnerable sites. Ranking loss after backlink work… If you are someone who constantly works on backlinks, Google algorithms will catch up with you one day. This is a definite outcome sooner or later. Sometimes it is caught directly by the algorithm, and sometimes it can be caught as a result of user notifications made through the send feedback button under the search results. So what should be done in such situations? If you have lost rankings for keywords lately, it definitely means that Google’s Penguin, Panda or a different Google update has negatively affected you.

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The harm of spam links. However, if you are experiencing a problem caused by panda, this means you have problems with content quality. If you Australia Phone Number List have received a warning in the Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools) system that you have violated Google rules ( Manual spam warning ) or that the SEO packages you received are spam (you do not necessarily need to receive this message, the most basic criterion is the criterion we wrote in article 1). Why does Google penalize sites? As we mentioned before in our Google Penguin 2.0 article. The new algorithm was created entirely to combat spam links . In addition, it is among the aims to prevent work done with low quality content and programs.

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Could be any of the reasons we have written. If you cannot find out why you are experiencing ranking loss even though you have not done any SEO package or link work. There can only be one explanation for this. This is also known as negativeseo. These Brazil Phone Number List are the efforts of rival companies that cannot attract you to rank your website in Google. Among these, attacks aimed at getting you penalized through Blackhatseo work are called negative SEO work. Constant monitoring is very important to prevent negative SEO attacks. It is extremely important to constantly monitor and analyze the links to your site section of Google Webmaster Tools and query tools such as Majesticseo, Ahrefs, Webmeup.

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