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Are footer And too many worthless subpages, your site will probably be filtered. For this reason, it is necessary to be very careful when getting backlinks from the entire site. Types of Google sanctions and penalties? Manual spam penalty : Via Google WMT > Search traffic > Manual transactions section. If you receive a message stating that no manual Web spam process was found. This means you have no manual penalties. Algorithmic Google penalty : It is a type of penalty that is caught without any warning. If the diagnosis is not made properly, the treatment will not be correct.

Therefore, after analyzing organic traffic properly

You should examine the traffic decreases that coincide with the algorithm dates and decide which penalty you received. Completely disappear from search results Rank loss on your main keywords When should I not reject connections? To list the UK Phone Number List reasons why you should use the Google link disavow tool; Buying backlinks from spammy websites Small declines or fluctuations in organic traffic and their persistence Small drops in rankings Tools such as Semrush, Ahrefs, LRT see your site as spam links When a manual search console sanction is applied regarding backlinks These may all be symptoms of a reason you should reject a connection , but they are unlikely.

In such cases rejecting connections will be a last resort

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How to do backlink analysis? After performing the analysis and determining that the site has been penalized by the penguin algorithm, what you need to do is the link cleaning process. When using this method, experience shows that it is necessary Cambodia Phone Number List to delete some of the links, nofollow some of them, and reject all harmful links with the Google disavow tool. Sites that contain a lot of spam content Links from xxx sites Links from hacked sites Links from sites that do not contain original content Links from sites that contain minimally repetitive content Links from sites that received a penalty from Google Unnatural and Site-wide links Links from pages not indexed by Google Spam blog comments Paid links Links from pages with low authority values ​​(values ​​such as Moz Authority, Moztrust, Pagerank, Alexa, etc.

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